Eye Doctor in Rome Italy, Ophthalmologist in Rome Italy

Eye Doctor in Rome Italy, Ophthalmologist in Rome

eye doctor in Rome; eye doctor in Rome Italy; ophthalmologist in Rome; ophthalmologist in Rome Italy

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Dr. Marco Abbondanza, MD, is a medical doctor and ophthalmologist (eye doctor) in Rome, Italy. One of Italy’s leading ophthalmologists and eye surgeons, Dr. Abbondanza has a long and distinguished career spanning over 35 years. To view his detailed professional experience (in Italian), please see here.

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He has a vast clinical and surgical experience, and is routinely consulted by diplomats, patients, and colleagues from overseas. To see his interviews with tv and radio shows, as well as newspapers and magazines, please see here.

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Dr. Abbondanza has devised and introduced a number of innovations in the ophthalmic field – which have been discussed in numerous international conferences – and has published more than 30 clinical studies with some of the world’s most influential scientific journals. To see his research publications, please see here.

 eye doctor in Italy

He regularly cooperates with the Save Sight Institute of the University of Sydney (USYD, Australia) since 2017. He performs examinations and surgery in his practice in Rome, Italy. For our contact details, please scroll down this page or see the related webpage in Italian here.

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Eye Doctor in Rome: who we are

The Abbondanza Eye Centre (Studio Oculistico Abbondanza) is one of Italy’s best known ophthalmic centres. Founded and led by Dr. Marco Abbondanza in 1984, it’s a well-known centre of excellence for vision improvement and eye diseases. Dr. Abbondanza is supported by a team of skilled assistants and the latest medical equipment to make sure that his patients achieve the most effective result in the safest possible way.

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Ophthalmologist in Rome: where to find us

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Dr. Abbondanza’s eye centre is located inside the “N.S. della Mercede” clinic

The Abbondanza Eye Centre is located in a central district of Rome, between the Coppedè, the Salario, and the Trieste districts, close to Parioli and Villa Borghese. Hosted inside the “N.S. della Mercede” private clinic, it provides medical services ranging from routine checkups to corneal transplantations, with numerous ophthalmic services in-between, including refractive surgery to improve your vision, cataract surgery, keratoconus treatment, glaucoma treatment, retinal diseases’ treatment, and strabismus surgery.

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Address: Via Tagliamento 25, 00198 Roma

Phone number: 063207111, alternatively 3484284961 (secretary) or 068551948 (clinic)

Email address: segreteria@abbondanza.org

 ophthalmologist parioli, ophthalmologist roma nord


Ophthalmologist in Rome: what we can do to assist you

As an expert ophthalmologist in Rome, Dr. Abbondanza and the Abbondanza Eye Centre provide a number of medical services. Among the many:

Routine eye exam and vision test in Rome

Routine eye exam and vision test – if it’s been a while since your last ophthalmic examination, it’s always a good idea to book an appointment with an experienced eye doctor. A little-known fact: due to the unique nature of the eye, a thorough ophthalmic examination can detect not only any potential eye disease, but also a variety of diseases affecting the whole body (systemic disorders), neurological issues (affecting the brain and the nervous system), and cardiological issues (affecting the heart and the cardiovascular system). Because of this, it’s important to have regular checkups with an experienced ophthalmologist, whether it’s for you, for a child, or for an elderly person.


Eye emergency in Rome

Eye emergency – in case of an urgent need to consult a skilled ophthalmologist who speaks fluent English, please do not hesitate to contact our secretary. You can call 063207111 or send an email to segreteria@abbondanza.org. Alternatively, ring Italy’s medical emergency number (118) or try to reach Rome’s Eye Hospital (Ospedale Oftalmico).


Eyesight issues and vision problems in Rome

Eyesight issues and vision problems – our team, led by Dr. Marco Abbondanza, is trained to diagnose both common and rare issues affecting your vision, thanks to a long experience and the latest medical equipment.


Refractive surgery in Rome

Refractive surgery – whether you are short-sighted (myopic), far-sighted (hyperopic), or astigmatic, your vision can likely be improved effectively and safely. We employ both laser techniques (T-PRK, Femto-LASIK, SMILE) and non-laser techniques (phakic intraocular lenses implantation, lens replacement) to give our patients the best results in terms of vision improvement and safety, with a personalised treatment.


Cataract surgery in Rome

Cataract surgery – today, cataracts occur in increasingly-young patients. The Abbondanza Eye Centre offers a customised procedure to pursue the patient’s own vision needs. Depending on the case at hand, we perform both ultrasound and laser cataract surgery.


Keratoconus diagnosis and treatment in Rome

Keratoconus diagnosis and treatment – today, keratoconus can be halted effectively and patients’ vision can be improved at the same time. Dr. Abbondanza is a leading expert in this field, and has at his disposal a variety of therapeutic options that are tailored to the patient‘s specific conditions and needs. Dr. Abbondanza is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Keratoconus Registry, a world-class research centre based in Sydney, Australia.


Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment in Rome

Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment – modern ophthalmology can diagnose and treat glaucoma effectively. Like all degenerative disorders, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible.


Retinal diseases’ diagnosis and treatment in Rome

Retinal diseases’ diagnosis and treatment – the retina is vital to our eyesight. A variety of diseases can affect it (macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment, macular pucker, macular hole, floaters). As most of them are degenerative pathologies, it is imperative to address them as soon as possible.


Strabismus surgery in Rome

Strabismus surgery – “crossed eyes”, “lazy eye”, “squint”, or eyes that do not properly align with each other when focusing on something or someone. Strabismus surgery can improve aesthetic appearances, the functional aspect (actual visual acuity), or both, depending on the case at hand.


Eye disorders in Rome

Other eye disorders – the human eye can be affected by dozens of different conditions that we have not listed on this page. For further information on them, feel free to reach out to us by calling at 063207111 or writing an email to segreteria@abbondanza.org.


English-speaking doctor in Rome

Finding an English-speaking doctor in Rome can be challenging if you don’t know this large city well. Our ophthalmic centre is a well-known destination for diplomats and international patients who are looking for an expert eye doctor in Rome, but our staff can also recommend a number of English-speaking doctors in Rome with different medical specialties, depending on your specific needs. Feel free to get in touch with us with the contact details listed below.

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Eye Doctor in Rome: feel free to contact us

ophthalmologist in Rome; eye doctor in Rome Italy

Dr. Abbondanza during his conference at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Whether you would like to book an appointment with us or have a specific doubt, please feel free to contact us:


Address – Via Tagliamento 25, 00198 Roma

Phone number063207111, alternatively 3484284961 (secretary) or 068551948 (clinic)

Email addresssegreteria@abbondanza.org




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